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Dr. John Harper CEng MIET Hon.FBCS

I live in North Hertfordshire which is about 35 miles North of central London UK.

I have been interested in large four cylinder Austins since the 16 was introduced just after the war. We lived on a farm then and although I was quite small I was allowed to drive our neighbours Austin 16 on a private road. Another neighbouring farmer bought one of the first A70 Herefords and I was allowed to drive this and carry out some simple maintenance. When our 1934 Hudson Terraplane had a major engine failure I transplanted into it an Austin 16 engine and gearbox which was quite successful and ran for many years. All this before I was 21. When the 100 was announced I longed to have one but had to put up with my own A70 Hereford which was much cheaper and large enough to take our young family. I compromised by fitting a 100M engine, A90 Atlantic brakes etc. My career did not stay in farming and I switched to computers which ultimately led to me becoming responsible for keeping working the BMC Service stock control and world-wide spares ordering computers at Cowley. This part of my career commenced in early 1962 and lasted for just over five years. During this time A-H production had already move from Longbridge to MG at Abingdon, only five miles away and all A-H technical support was carried out in the next bay to where our computers were located. When everything was working properly I was not needed so I was able to pursue my interests in A-Hs and it was during this period that I collected together a considerable amount of very comprehensive information although I have to admit that I didn't appreciate how important it was at the time. Around 1975 I bought my first and current 100 and scrapped the A70 but obviously kept all of the A-H parts that I had previously fitted. I was the AHC Eastern Centre 100 Technical Secretary for over fifteen years but then stood down to make way for new blood, I wrote 100 Technical articles in Revcounter for two years and later in Bic Healey's ROADSTER monthly magazine. Whilst there is more to write I have had to stop for the time being due to the pressure of my other interests and commitments.

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