The Secretary's two 100

 BN1 Le Mans (pictured above around 1959)

My first and most loved car is the one that I drove regularly from 1975 until I completely stripped it down. It had been to most of the UK events until 2006 year and whilst being reliable and safe could not be in any way considered a concourse car. In fact I would say that it is quite scruffy. What I will say is that it was well used and my wife and I went out in it regularly and visited interesting places and meet many very pleasant people.

The car has now been subject to a total rebuild it is painted in the original colour . It is put back to the state it was in when it left the Warwick works with all the modifications added.

This BN1 has an interesting history. It was first owned by a Capt. Owen Cunningham who ran the Oyster Bar in Curzon Street, London not far from the DMH Co. showrooms. Donald took clients there for lunch and this somehow resulted in my BN1 being converted at Warwick to full 'Le Mans' spec. This was in the early days and possibly before the full kits were on the market. Whatever the reason the louvered bonnet was not fitted. Some will know that this was a rather later addition to the 'M' specification. The actual Le Mans cars did not have them, so why should a replica?

What this car does have is

Full engine modifications with H.C. pistons
3.667:1 rear axle and 140 m.p.h. speedometer
15 gall. fuel tank and two SU fuel pumps
Alfin drums on the front (These are no longer fitted due to worrying corrosion between the steel and aluminium. It now has 11" x 2¼" A90 Atlantic Brakes all round)
100S style steering wheel
Original hardtop etc. etc.

The finishing touch is that a genuine Warwick Healey badge is fitted to the boot lid instead of the Austin wings.
Donald and Bic both told me that they remember Owen Cunningham well but not the precise details of the car.

More recently a son of Owen Cunningham has tracked me down. Captain Owen was quite a colourful character and apparently wealthy. Just the sort of person who would say 'fit every modification available'.

BN2 late (this is to full 100M specification using original 'M' parts but does not claim to be an original)

This late BN2 was subject to a very long total rebuild and has been on the road and in regular use for five years. It is slightly non standard. The engine which is converted to 'M' spec using original parts; but a 3.454:1 rear axle and a 100/6 steering box are fitted amongst other things.

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